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A little Slice of our story...

The journey began like many others, but with experience on hand, many ideas, much inspiration and above all to see that smile after tasting... created his own line with one outlet established in 2003 by our Master Chef, Mr. Anthony experienced of over 20 years & above came up with a thought to be the best tasting best feeling pastry shop that all will come asking for more.

He envisioned it, he created it and all our Customers who tasted it said "why don't you set up an outlet close to my house" the demand grew to cater for more and the Family joined the business as this being their delicious destiny to enhance, strengthen the Operations and to say "we care for your good taste" always... we continue to delight our Customers with the essence of our pastry master piece.


Our endeavour is to be an example of constantly providing outstanding customer service in person with our premier cakes & Pastries and believe that customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal We are dedicated to provide our family of employees with a respectful and positive work environment where everyone is equal.


Continuously revamp our methodologies, ideologies, best practices & serve with a smile the best & exceptional Quality products that bring a special Joy in all our Customer’s lives.


Why you should choose us

We value Work Ethics & Customer Need and we love to fulfill it in STYLE....

“ THE RIGHT TEAM TO FULFILL YOUR NEED & REQUIREMENTS” We Provide the best Output and hand it over to you at an Honest Price...once you taste that you will want more Our cakes & Pastries have taken us to most of our celebrity homes, news channels, newspapers, TV shows, Well know schools & colleges...above all even to the smallest homes across India bringing that joy to the can shop at out hot spots across India and be the next & greatest adventure!!


Every Customer is given the Importance, we listen with care & make the commitment to get them completed Timelines are met and if unable to provide the desired outputs, we attempt and honestly respond if we can’t fit into your need we value our customers by offering a fast and friendly service.


As an Organization – Food Industry requirements are always fulfilled, serving the Customers since 2003 ..we take all Feedback and inputs positively and act upon it to bring that change Over the years, we have evolved in bringing the Operational improvements through cost and waste reduction as well as product innovation opportunities Training is delivered at various levels from entry to advanced...we move along in the need of the Customers to work on process development, product development, training, and reformulation. Our Employees are taught about the Quality Workmanship and our experience has been working with True recipes


Our aim is to deliver high quality products that look superb, bring delight to the customer, and make celebrations a moment to cherish.. When we talk of the Proof found in the end result our creatively designed pastries & cakes will be a signature in itself


Through our philosophy “we care for your good taste” we continue to stay passionate and give you nothing but the best in bakery segment, the cake is so rich, moist, and incredibly tasty!!! We ate every single crumb and loved every bit of it!”, we want to see, hear such comments from every Customer tasting them


With integrity, passion and enthusiasm will continue creating your perfect pastries & cakes to really look out of the world we will follow through with our commitments...

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